Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Monday 13th August 2012

    First chance between all the rain to get the trap out, turned into quite a good decision.

Early Thorn
Large Yellow Underwing (5)
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (15)
Copper Underwing (2)
Uncertain (2)
Willow Beauty (3)
Shaded Broad-bar
Early Thorn
Brimstone (3)
Straw Underwing (2)
Garden Carpet
Scalloped Oak
Scarce Footman (3)
Red Twin-spot Carpet
Common Wave
Iron Prominent
Common Rustic (4)
Flame Shoulder (2)
Riband Wave
Square-spot Rustic (2)
Dingy Footman (2-1 form stramineola)
Straw Dot
Dark Arches (2)
Seatceous Hebrew Character
Small Fan-footed Wave (2)
Small Ranunculus
Cherry Bark Moth
Red-barred Tortrix
Small Ranunculus
Yponomeuta sp. (2)

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