Sunday, 14 July 2013

Saturday 13th July 2013

   Hotter & hotter, more & more moths!!!!

The Gothic
Heart & Dart (7)
Heart & Club (11)
Flame (8)
Light Emerald
Rufous/Marbled Minor (4)
Willow Beauty
Garden Tiger
Double Square Spot (3)
Marbled Green
Riband Wave (4 - all remutata)
Uncertain (5)
Grey Dagger (possibly)
Garden Tiger
Dark Arches
Buff Ermine (2)
Coronet (3)
Peppered Moth
Common Wave
Scalloped Oak (2)
Mottled Beauty (f. conversaria)
Scarce Footman
Barred Straw**
Common Emerald
Clay Triple-lines
Blue-bordered Carpet
Green Pug (3)
Wormwood Pug
Pug sp. (Got away, very small moth)

Wax Moth
Small Magpie
Light Brown Apple Moth (3+)
Batia lunaris  §

**New to the garden trap
§ Lifer


  1. Hi Gary; what moth trap are you using, im thinking of getting one?

    Cheers Lee

  2. Hi Lee, Did you get my email about Moth Traps mate?