Saturday, 3 August 2013

Friday 2nd August 2013

   As there were showers forecast tonight, tried a different part of the garden, where i could cover the trap.

Antler Moth
Shaded Broad Bar
Riband Wave (2-both remutata)
Willow Beauty (3)
Garden Tiger
Knot Grass (3)
Nut-tree Tussock
Shuttle-shaped Dart
Common Rustic (3)
Single Dotted Wave
Small Fan-footed Wave (2)
Marbled/Rufous Minor
Nut-tree Tussock
Double Square Spot
Large Yellow Underwing
Dingy Footman
Straw Underwing
Antler Moth**
Dusky Thorn
Flame Shoulder (2)
Dark Arches

Small Magpie
Grass Veneers (3+)
Euzophera pingus
Euzophera pingus

**New to the garden trap

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