Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wednesday 9th October 2013

Barred Sallow
   No trap out tonight, but still managed a lifer, the bedroom light trap at work….Barred Sallow, very nice!


  1. Hi Gary,
    I’m Donald (DD) from iSpot, do you remember you were going to look for evidence of Goat Moth breeding in or near your garden to support your observation? As we’ve already stated, this is quite an important moth so it would be good to have some feedback from you, as to whether or not you can confirm this record.

    1. Hi Donald, i have had a quick look around the garden, for breeding holes. Sadly i didnt find any. But, as you can imagine, having to do this after work, gives me little time to look, due to the light! Maybe you can help? Would the holes be near the ground, as with the Hornet Moths, or could they be anywhere on the tree? I have looked low down so far.
      Thanks for your email

  2. Hi Gary
    The holes are generally low down but can occasionally be at some height. They often cause local damage to the tree so look for areas of dead or damaged wood. Mature trees are preferred and as we said, it's likely to be fairly close to where you found the larva.