Sunday, 5 July 2015

Saturday 4th July 2015

Independence Day, and there was a noticeable improvement too....but defo no Alien invasion

Green Arches
Heart & Dart (8)
Heart & Club (6)
Flame (3)
Large Yellow Underwing
Bright-line Brown-eye
Mottled Beauty (7-1 form conversaria)
Willow Beauty (3)
Double-striped Pug (2)
Common Fan-foot
Green Pug (2)
Riband wave (5)
Uncertain (5-All but one of form remutata)
Privet Hawk-moth
Green Arches
Buff Ermine (6)
Buff Arches
Double-square Spot
Common wainscot
Mottled Rustic
Dark Arches
Turnip Moth
Green Arches (Lifer)

Codling Moth (4)
Garden Grass Veneer (2)
Meal Moth
Small Magpie (2)
Celypha striana (3)
Bramble-shoot Moth

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